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JUMPUTI HEROES APK MOD (Weak Enemy, Instant Win) v6.3.1

JUMPUTI HEROES APK MOD (Weak Enemy, Instant Win) v6.3.1
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Black Clover Special Feature Festival Appears

Players who love JUMP, here comes the hot-blooded mobile game that gathers well-known and super-popular anime characters from Japan!
With the simple-to-operate bubble bead battle system, attack alone or team up with friends to defeat the enemy!
As long as you complete the novice tutorial, you can get a “10-Draw Gacha Ticket with 5 Stars of Your Choice”!

The three major features of “JUMPUTI HEROES Bubble Heroes”:

1) Use strategy and launch gorgeous and handsome nirvana to defeat the enemy!
Easy and simple click operation, you can accumulate killing bubbles!
Everyone is familiar with the powerful classic mystery, which will be fully reproduced in the game!

2) Friendship X Effort = Victory! Summon Legendary Heroes!
When the beliefs of “friendship”, “effort” and “victory” are combined into one,
The legendary JUMP heroes will come to support, and use the super nirvana to reverse the situation!

3) Fight with your friends in multiplayer battles!
Up to 4 people can fight side by side with your friends and work together to defeat your opponents!
Even in the face of a strong enemy, as long as you communicate strategies with your partners, there is no difficulty you cannot pass!
Come and start a new adventure with your friends on LINE!

■List of “Weekly Shonen JUMP” works included in the game *Listed in order of serialization start
doberman detective
Oolong Police Station
hot fist
Fighting golden meat man
Dr.SLUMP Doctor Strange and Robot Doll
Captain Wing (previously known as: Football Junior)
cat eye
change male to female
College! odd noodle group
silver wing superman
Fist of the Big Dipper
silver teeth meteor silver
dragon ball
City hunter
random jerk
Kui!! Boys’ school
Saint Seiya
BASTARD!! Diablo
Show and tease Taishan Ada
iron fist vs steel fist
magic elf
Day’s Great Adventure
movie girl
Keiji of Flowers Beidou Ranger
Treasures of Travels Taro and Happy Friends
Youyou White Book
from the devil
Stupid monkey
break up drama club
crazy mask
Rampant Taibao
Supernatural Teacher Shenmei
Excalibur breaks through the rivers and lakes The romantic legend of the Meiji swordsman
Lightning Horse
Paranormal E Contact
Sexy Rangers Gaiden is awesome! ! A Sheng
Fengshen Romance
game Master
flower angel
End of the century leader biography!
ONE PIECE~One Piece~
Emperor Mingling, Sejuro
rookie story
Chess Soul
tennis Prince
black cat
Nose hair real fist
long shot king
grim Reaper
100% strawberries
Lightspeed Masked Man
death notebook
exorcism boy
magic law firm
Demon detective brain nero
The Queen of Bags
SKET DANCE Academy Rescue Team
youkai master
Food Hunter TORIKO
shadow basketball player
Devil Daddy
The strongest student council president
false love
Volleyball Boys!!
The disaster of Saiki Kusuo
Assassination Classroom
The spirit of eating halberd
Boundary Trigger
Fire Maru Sumo
my hero academia
black clover
Swaying Village’s Miss Yuna
Ghost Slayer
The Promised Neverland

Other works will be added in the future!

【World View】
This is a world where the JUMP characters live peacefully on JUMP Island.
One day, under the influence of the “Demon King’s Power” that regenerates every 50 years, the evil hearts of the characters begin to gradually awaken…!
In order to defeat the evil heart and return the characters to their original appearance, they must venture on various islands to find the Demon Lord and defeat him!
The great adventure to protect and regain the peace on JUMP Island is now officially launched!

*According to the game software classification management method, this software is a protection level, and only people over the age of six can use it.

Seller LINE Corporation
Category RPG Games
Compatibility (Interchangeability)
Language Traditional Chinese

©JUMP 50th Anniversary ©LINE Corporation ©WonderPlanet Inc.
price free

JUMPUTI HEROES APK MOD (Weak Enemy, Instant Win) v6.3.1
Download JUMPUTI HEROES APK MOD (Weak Enemy, Instant Win) v6.3.1 

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